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If your mission team would like to have dresses to take on your mission, please contact us for a form to submit with your request!
21805 Woodruff Rd, Rockwood, MI 48173​
Be sure to track your package so you know when we get your dresses. You are also welcome to enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope so we can drop you a card when they are received. Allow 4-5 weeks for a response. Thank you!

Before You Send Your Dresses

  1. Machine Sewn Dresses should be grouped by small, medium and large (not individually please)
  2. No straight pins.
  3. Box them up in a box not more than 30 lbs
  4. Include a self-addressed envelope or track your package if you want to know it arrived
  5. If you are able to include help with shipping costs, any amount is appreciated. Donations are tax-deductible.

Register to become an LDFA Ambassador for your country.

An LDFA Ambassador serves as a contact person in their country to make and receive dresses for distributions in their own country or to send to other countries in need. An ambassador agrees to collect the dresses and get them to the most vulnerable in need. 
Contact us for more information at
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  • Mary Lou Drake, LDFA Canada  3730 Ouellette Ave, Windsor, Ontario N9E 3M7 Canada
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