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Printable Pattern Directions

Following the simple steps, any size new or gently used pillow case can be quickly turned into a prized possession for a grateful little girl in Africa. Pillow case patterns are only a suggestion, so feel free to use your own material if you’d rather! Any simple pattern is fine to use. Feel free to add pockets, or lace. Buttons as decorations are great, but please avoid zippers as they are difficult to repair in the villages.

These dresses will be the only item of clothing for many of the children. Please make sure they are machine sewn. They do not have to be fancy but they MUST be sturdy. Finish all edges and do not use ribbon for ties, as they are not strong enough to hold up in 3rd world climates. Elastic is a much better choice.

Thousands of little dresses are received from all over the world sewn by amazing volunteers, which is great! We aren’t going to run out of children in need. To help us get them to the children quickly, please group your beautiful dresses by small, medium and large size. They do not need to be individually sized but just in groups for easy re-packing. They are measured from the shoulder. Please, no straight pins! Being pricked by a straight pin in Africa during distributions can be life-threatening, so avoid using pins to size the dresses.

You get them to us and we get them to the kids. It costs about $2/a dress to get them to the children. We are grateful for any amount you can include for shipping the dresses to Africa. Thanks so much for your help!
Below are some general sizes to use for your groupings of small, medium and large.


2, 3, and 4 (16-22 inches long)


5, 6, and 7 (24-28 inches long)


8, 9, and 10 (30-34 inches long)

Any size boys shorts are welcome. Elastic or drawstring waist works well for boys shorts.

The finished product is a beautiful delight to the kids!

JJ helps a little friends into his new “britches” for boys

Patterns for Download and Printing

Pillow Case Pattern
“Ms Lillian” pattern
Sani-Pani Pattern
Dignity Program
Britches for Boys
T-Shirt Pattern
Thank you cards

Download and Print Posters

Trifold Brochure
Projects Poster
Light Bible Poster
Buckets of Hope
Planting in the Hearts

Britches For Boys Directions

Any simple boys shorts pattern is great. Elastic or drawstring both work well. Sizes up to size 12 are needed.

Boys shorts are needed desperately. All sizes, any style and even gently used shorts are welcome. Drawstring style or sports style is always great! Thank you so much!

Sani-Panti Sewing Information

Can you imagine having to drop out of school because you cannot manage your menstrual cycle? This is a very real but often unacknowledged problem in 3rd world countries. According to UNICEF, one in ten schoolgirls in Africa miss classes or drop out completely due to their period. These girls often substitute pads or tampons for less safe and less absorbent materials such as rags, newspaper or bark. We deliver these personal items to the women and young girls and they are received with joy! This is a simple and very necessary project. We’d love to have your help! We will be sending these as well as adult sized panties to the girls in Africa as part of our health education. Little Dresses for Africa has seen the need among the young girls and women and encouraged our sewers to take part in sewing and sending what we call “sani-pani” as part of our Dignity Program. Improvements in sanitation can go a long way to combating the problem. The distribution of these washable pads along with adult sized panties lead to very helpful discussions surrounding their use and general health. The resulting good hygiene enables the girls to manage their periods more easily. Store bought new panties are always needed in all sizes for teen girls. Thank you!