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Exciting News!

There is so much going on with Little Dresses for Africa. We are currently working on getting a work team together to go to Malawi to put our new playground equipment together. Can you imagine the excitement of the children who will explore this amazing new development at our school in Lumbadzi?! We are so grateful. Not only will it increase our enrollment and allow us to get great teachers, but more importantly, these beautiful children will play and get to really be children.

Saturday, October 19, 2024, is our annual BIG DINNER at the beautiful Bentley Conference Center in Wyandotte, MI. This annual fund raiser is our major way to support all our projects through clean water, education and community. We have been blessed to install 122 wells with 2 more promised. Clean water saves lives immediately and we are so grateful.

A team from The Kinergy Center will be traveling in November 2024 to serve in Malawi. We are so grateful for those that choose to serve under sometimes difficult conditions. Each traveler raises their own money and takes valuable time out of their lives and from work to help others. The short term teams bring hope and are a real encouragement in the remote villages. Any support is welcome and can be labeled short term missions. Thank you and God bless you!